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Foodies cooking classes
in the beautiful Monferrato region

About our classes

It's truly remarkable how the act of cooking together transcends mere culinary tasks and becomes a profound experience of shared joy and connection. As we engage in the rhythmic dance of chopping, stirring, and sizzling, we're not just preparing meals; we're weaving a tapestry of memories and forging bonds that endure a lifetime.

We offer group classes, private classes and fun team-building classes for events.

Check out our cooking classes below and come and join us.

Discover Piemontese Cuisine: 1-day class

Come and join us for a fantastic hands-on cooking class focused on authentic Italian and regional Piemontese dishes!


As you most likely know, Piemonte cuisine is world famous, although distinctly different from the familiar Mediterranean cuisine. Historically the region can de divided into the ‘cucina Alta’ linked to the King’s court and French influence and the cuisine of the middle class – cucina Borghese.

The Piemonte cuisine reflects the long, cold winter month, therefore there is a tradition of conserving food like marmalades, salted cod ‘Baccala’, and air dried salumi. The cuisine is robust and ideal with full bodied wines such as Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo and Dolcetto.

Good thing we can deliver the full range of Italian cooking in our ADAGIO accademia, so there is something for everyone, but of course we never will lose our Piemontese roots.

As you chop, sauté and simmer, you will learn under professional supervision how to make your own pasta and discover the different flavours and textures that define the Piemontese & Italian cuisine.  At the end of the class, gather around the table to indulge in the fruits of your labour.

Embark with us on a journey through Piemonte and Italy!

Class description

English-speaking chef

Learn Tips & Tricks to wow your friends and family

Discover new combinations and dish options

Prepare your own meal on the day from scratch


During this hands-on cooking classes, your English-speaking chef will introduce you the delicious Piemontese/Italian culinary traditions. The chefs invite you to explore beloved recipes that have been cherished for generations. Learn the importance of fresh ingredients, pick some herbs from our aromatic garden, just outside the accademia and create dishes from scratch.

Our focus in our classes is to show you "tips & tricks" and how to make dishes like Vitello tonnato, Tajarin or Tagliatelle pasta with typical ragù sauce and other dishes that are the heart and soul of our region – just too many - some obvious ones and some you might know yet.

You will finish the class with a deeper understanding of the menu and a new way of using simple ingredients for the most flavourful outcome.


Prepare an antipasto, pasta made from scratch with a delicious sauce or a main dish (secondo) and a scrumptious dessert. Start the cooking class with a glass of Spumante and during your sit-down meal enjoy your prepared dishes with a glass or two of local wine (or alcohol-free food companions).


125€ per person

115€ per person for Relais Almaranto guests staying 2 or more nights

Class duration around 4 hours including lunch

Tuesday, 25.06.2024 @ 12:00 noon – fully booked
Tuesday, 23.07.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Saturday, 27.07.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday, 30.07.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday, 06.08.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Saturday, 10.08.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday, 13.08.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Saturday, 17.08.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday, 20.08.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday, 27.08.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Saturday, 31.08.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday, 03.09.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday, 10.09.2024 @ 12:00 noon
Saturday, 12.10.2024 @ 12:00 noon – fully booked

Global Cusine: 1-day class

We are in Italy but we bring 30 years of global cuisine exploration and experience to this beautiful part of Monferrato!


So, in the winter months from November to March we also offer classes on cuisines from around the globe, from Asia to South America from South Africa to the Nordics.

Sign up here to be kept informed of our new classes and schedules as they are announced.


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